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30 September 2012 @ 12:00 am
In Your Arms Tonight INTRODUCTION  
I’ve received numerous requests from people asking me to create walkthroughs solutions for the other otome based company, Voltage Inc., and I promised them I would once I got a chance to do so when life isn't cramping my mood. So in order to appease the public and for me to have an excuse to play it again, I’ve decided to make a walkthrough~heart1

I found this particular otome game to be quite refreshing and a very novel idea. The premise of this scenario is that you’re a 30 years old female interior designer whom recently got married. However, in your third month of marriage, you witness your new husband in an affair (kissing another woman in the park)! After a torrent of events, you find yourself drinking into a stupor and having your supervisor half drag you back to your place. On your couch, in your drowsy state, you dream of someone speaking to you kindly in a distant voice.

In your dream, who was holding you and softly stroking your hair hearts (Ginnosuke not yet available)




Unlike the Shall we date? series by NTT Solmare, Voltage Inc., games only have two endings which are the Super Happy Ending and the Happy Ending. In this game, the Super Happy Ending rewards you with the last event picture possible for the character of your choice whereas the other ending does not merit anything. The one that I’ll be documenting will be the Super Happy Endings, since it’s the most painstaking one to get ^_^;;

Click on the character whose walkthrough solution you would like to access
Kippei Ebihara
Kiyoto Makimura
Shohei Aiba
Genji Higashiyama
Koichi Natsukawa
Ginnosuke Oguri

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