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29 September 2012 @ 01:00 am
As I mentioned in the introduction post (HERE), I've decided to keep track of the correct answers for the characters from the otome game "Be My Princess" since I haven't been able to find a guide on the net. This post will be the walkthrough solution for Roberto Button crown

In Roberto's case, you end up staying at Villa Altaria because he informed other the guests at the party that you were dating him. So in order to escape the horde of women chasing after him, you both escape to your apartment in Charles, only to have to move in to Villa Altaria. To be quite honest, I found it really hard to bond with Roberto because just when I thought I was going to like him, he throws in the "friend" word. Which I found intriguing since this was pretty much what your character was experiencing ^_^;;

Here are the photos associated with Roberto from his album:



His letters to you (which are sent to your e-mail address by the end of the chapter, if you’ve provided it) are as followed:





Despite there being three endings associated with each character, only the happy ending will be the one meriting an event picture. Once you acquire the Happy Ending, you will unlock the Epilogue which further event picture. The other endings do not have a picture linked to it. This is the picture rewarded to you if you get your Happy Ending with him and the second picture is awarded when you do the Epilogue. Summary of the Happy Ending and Epilogue will not be provided to avoid spoilers of this endearing ending hearts


Depending on the answers you give to Roberto, you'll get one of the endings aforementioned. If you chose all the correct answers, you'll get the Happy Ending. However, if you choose all the incorrect answers or a combination of both correct and incorrect answers, you’ll get either the Good Ending or Normal Ending sparkles

In order to get the Happy Ending, you must select these answers (with some variation, but this is guaranteed):
If it pleases Your Highness
Why did you run?
I understand
Open the door
I like him, but...
Isn't it dangerous to be by yourself?
Who is Cynthia in relation to you?
Look away without saying anything
Try to stay at Prince Roberto's side
There's no need to get jealous
Smile back
Look at Prince Roberto
Keep an eye on him
Don't push yourself too hard
Choose to stay
Follow Prince Roberto
It is your choice who you give it to
Stay there and watch the match
Look towards Prince Roberto
Stay and watch
Are you really okay with that?
I think I shall pass
Lean into him
Open the book quietly
You can't!

That's the end of Roberto's route~! hearts

Please do not repost this without my permission or claim this as your own as it took me a while to get these answers!!

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Lee Tamara: Yool and HRlacus_yamato on April 14th, 2013 09:05 am (UTC)
his route had me feeling giddy. He is a bit daft like the MC herself I dare say. but the ending had me flailing and all.
(no subject) - chetara1976x on November 13th, 2014 05:48 pm (UTC) (Expand)