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25 July 2012 @ 05:49 am
嵐フェス Selection ♫  
I've finally gotten around to selecting the songs that I'd like to see Arashi perform in concert sparkles

It was really hard for me to narrow down to just three songs in the "singles" category as I love too many of them! NG

シングル曲 (Singles)
♫ Face Down
♫ 迷宮ラブソング (Meikyuu Love Song)
♫ truth
* I was about to put "Monster" in there too, but realized that all the singles would be Ohno's dramas then

シングルのカップリング曲 (Coupling Songs)
♫ ファイトソング (Fight Song)
♫ FINAL Remix feat. WISH, Love so sweet & One Love
♫ 時計じかけのアンブレラ (Tokei Jikake no Umbrella

アルバム曲 (Album Songs)
♫ Summer Splash!
♫ Yes? No?
* I liked too many of their solos, so opted not to vote for any of them

For those who need the translations to the songs or to know what category the songs are in, there's an awesome person who translated them (HERE)

For those who need help on the voting process, there's a tutorial (HERE)

Don't dally too long~! Voting ends at 18:00 on July 31st JST~!!
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kurarekurari: eno-chankurarekurari on July 25th, 2012 10:34 am (UTC)
I voted yesterday...and my list is what I call "strange", but these are the songs I hear almost everyday and I think they would probably be great in a concert (and I wanted songs, we haven't heard or seen in a while...) and sorry for spamming your comments m(_ _)m and thanks for your letter *__*
Singles: 1.Jidai 2.Everything 3.Nice na kokoroiki
Coupling: 1.Tokei no jikake no umbrella 2. Time Capsule 3.Super Fresh
Album: 1.Arashi no mae no shizukesa 2.The Bubble 3.Tabidachi no asa
corlee1289: Arashi Around Asia 2008corlee1289 on July 29th, 2012 07:32 pm (UTC)
Those aren't strange songs at all!

I only wish that they would have allowed more than three songs, because there were so many for me to choose from!!

No worries~ You should never feel "burdened" that you're spamming me and I'm glad that my letter reached you safely! I was worried that it might have gotten lost in the mail~!

If I could, I would have added Sakura Sake to the singles list. I love Time Capsule and Super Fresh, those were awesome songs as well!! For your album songs, I don't think I know any of those? Are they from older albums?
kurarekurari: ~~smile~~kurarekurari on July 30th, 2012 03:28 am (UTC)
Yes, they are from older albums. "The bubble" from "Iza,Now", "Arashi no mae no shizukesa" from "How it's going", and "Tabidachi no asa" from "ARASHIC"(I know they already perfomed this song in Yokohama Arena in AAA06 concert, but I get goosebumps even when I listen to the song for the 1000th time ;) )