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16 May 2012 @ 11:45 pm
Outing with Dad~♥  
Dad and I went to go see the premier for the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting" today at the Starcité Montréal cinema theater because I had won a pair of tickets loveletter

The cinema was located next to the Olympic Stadium, so we took a few pictures, I love the clouds hearts

It was an interesting humor filled movie, but I did find it lack substance and found there were quite a lot of plot holes. It was awesome to watch because the theater was packed full, so we were all laughing (since laughter is contagious), but it wouldn't be a movie that I would pay to see ^_^;;

After the movie, dad saw a cardboard poster thing for "Dark Shadows" and excitedly wanted to have his picture taken hearts

DAD AND I SAW A LUKE AS WE WERE LEAVING THE METRO STATION! I saw a person with a bowler had who was carrying a musical instrument case in front of me and went: It's a Luke~!!
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familytablesfamilytables on May 17th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
Sounds like the movie ended up what I figured it ibe. Still a time waster time of film, so it's all good.
Gld you got out with Dad. Always nice to do. I'm trying to picure your dad's excitement.
corlee1289: I'm NOT a complete IDIOTcorlee1289 on May 19th, 2012 01:42 am (UTC)
Yeah, it was one of those films that would end exactly how you think it would be. I would never actually pay money to go see the film in theaters, but since I won the tickets to attend the premier, dad and I got a good laugh out of it.

Dad was so excited about wanting to get his picture taken! I totally ended up being the "adult" between my dad and I about it.

- Dad, we'll take a picture AFTER the movie finishes, otherwise there won't be any seats left for the two of us since it's a premier and we'll get bad seats.
"AFTER?! Fine..." *pouts and walks into the theater*

Yup, that's dad. I really want to bring him to Comic-con to see him spazz even more and run after all the people who cosplay :3
familytablesfamilytables on May 19th, 2012 02:03 am (UTC)
Yeah that works out.

I can't think of any other words than cute. But really is.

OMG THAT WOULD BE THE BEST! You should, if you get the chance. I've been noticing more and more pearents (for everyone 18+) are really starting to join in on all type of cons. It's nice to bring their youth back and get that family time in you know?
corlee1289: Doctor Who - Keep Calm and Don't Blinkcorlee1289 on May 21st, 2012 11:34 pm (UTC)

Dad and I always do stuff together :3

But yeah, I'm hoping to drag him to Comic-con since dad and I are sci-fi junkies, it wouldn't really work out with an anime convention since he doesn't watch anime. He once drove us to Toronto so that my friends and I could attend an anime convention down there. But he only gawked at the anime cosplayers who were at his hotel room. But other than that, he was exploring Toronto and visiting his relatives whilst we were running amok XD