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31 August 2010 @ 02:59 pm
Botanical Gardens  
I went to the Botanical Gardens with Tessa and Luke two weeks ago (Wednesday, August 18th, 2010)

HAHA... "TWO WEEKS AGO CORRINE?!" Yeah ^^;; Note to self: Try not to procrastinate...

The flowers were really pretty~! There was a free tour that was offered and being the extrovert that I am, I was successful in dragging Luke and Tessa with me on the tour :3 The tour lasted for about two hours, as we were walking, the guide was explaining the founding of the gardens as well as the pretty flowers that were there. I admit, had it not been for the tour, there would have been areas/sections that I would not have had visited... Like the rose garden for example (the colorful blooming rose picture above is also from the rose garden)

This lion statue was near the entrance of the rose garden to greet us <3 It's so cute X3 Doesn't look ferocious at all does it?

During our tour with the guide, she showed us the various places where water fountains were located since some of them are cleverly hidden to fit in with the landscape (so that it wouldn't stick out and be aesthetically pleasing to the eye). This fountain here wasn't hidden, but I simply took it because Luke is really TALL!! And the water fountain was really SHORT X3 *DoS mode on~!*

My absolute favorite area within the Botanical Gardens (to this day) is still the Chinese garden. Maybe I'm bias because I'm Chinese, but it's still one of the prettier gardens <3 I took a lot of pictures of the Chinese Garden, but will refrain from posting them all ^^;;

Behind the lotus flowers is a heron. I did take a picture of the heron, but the heron in real life and up close isn't as pretty as I thought that it would be. So I decided to put the picture where it's somewhat hidden XD

The next garden that I also like to visit is the Japanese garden. Why? Because the koi there have become classically conditioned to come near humans since they think that they'll be fed. Not too soon after we sat down near the water's edge to take a break from walking, a whole bunch of koi came near us! They're lucky that we can't fish them... Otherwise I would have brought them home... AND ATE THEM! *cackles*

And I didn't even have to use the zoom function on my camera to take a picture of the koi~!

When the tour ended, we were dropped off at the landmark where the doggie was <3 It's really well done, don't you think?! Tessa and I were like "What's that over- OMFG!! IT'S A DOGGIE!!" d(>W<)b If I remember it correctly, it's a sheep dog? It's been two weeks... Hence why I've forgotten... It even has a name! But I've forgotten it as well... *is going senile*

Another area that I love to visit are the greenhouses!! Particularly the orchid section in the greenhouses <3 Once again, I will refrain from posting too many picture of the awesome orchids <3 It was in the orchid section that I had to change my 2GB camera card from all the photos that I too O__o;;

There's also a few indoor waterfalls that are really really pretty <3

There was a stuffed monkey toy clinging onto the stair structure :3 It's a staircase that lets you see what the bananas look like in their natural state (before it goes tot he grocery). This was newly built as the last time I came, it wasn't there! But I'm happy that it's there now, so I can see the bananas :3 And the monkey~ I will name him George <3 I used to have a stuffed monkey toy as well when I was younger and named him George... But I lost him at the mall when I was younger TT^TT

There are also the random weird plants that you see when you visit the greenhouses... Such as a plant being called "Lobster Claws" ^^;; I don't see it... I believe the person who named this plant was stoned and was very hungry... And in his delusion, he thought the plant had lobster claws...

I took a picture of this one because I love the color/design of the leaves with it's swirlyness @_@

Crazy bonsai~!

After we finished touring the greenhouses (which is really BIG and LONG and has many sections in it), we took the mini-train and explored the rest of the Botanical Gardens. We were sitting in the mini-train going around the gardens until I saw a pond <3 I basically jumped off as soon as it stopped and ran to the pond <3 AND THERE WERE DUCKIES!! I LOVE DUCKIES!! <33 There were so many of them and I was really happy <3 I basically waddled and followed after them and took a whole bunch of pictures of them <3333 Tessa and Luke's faces: ^^;;

When it was finally time to leave the Botanical Gardens, Tessa found this weird drawing on the floor X3 And she yelled out "THIS IS WHY I BRING A CAMERA! TO TAKE WEIRD PICTURES!" For those who live in Montreal and have a chance to visit the Botanical Gardens, you'll spot this drawing on the floor near the bus stop on your way when you walk down to go to the metro: Pie IX

My school semester at McGill starts tomorrow TT^TT Hence why my mood is set to "anxious". And my one and only class tomorrow is level two Japanese... But the day after that, I have four classes *sighs*. I have only Japanese on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays... But I have four classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays *dies*
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corlee1289corlee1289 on September 3rd, 2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
Of course you can!!

Those fish may be expensive but their stupidity dictates otherwise!! If we were in a third world country, THEY WOULD BE ALL GONE!!

showjuro: bound and gaggedshowjuro on September 3rd, 2010 10:39 pm (UTC)
They aren't stupid!!! They are graceful fishies!!!
I agree with your last sentence, though...