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08 January 2012 @ 11:15 pm
Shall we date?: Actor to be SEIJI  
As I mentioned in the introduction post (HERE), I've decided to keep track of the correct answers for the characters from the iPod's otome game "Shall we date?: Actor to be" despite there already being a walkthrough for this game. However, none of them are as extensive as mine. This post will be the walkthrough solution for Seiji melody

I don't know what it is about Seiji that makes it difficult for me to like him. It may be partly due to his meek personality of being unable to get over his stage fright and that he heavily relies on you for encouragement. So in that case, I feel more like his mentor/babysitter because he can't seem to take care of himself or get over his fears without you ^_^;;

Here are the photos associated with Seiji from his album:



His letters to you (which are sent to your mailbox by the end of the chapter) are as followed:










Despite there being three endings associated with each character, only the happy ending will be the only one meriting an event picture. The other two endings do not have a picture linked to them. This is the picture rewarded to you if you get your Happy End with him. Summary of the ending will not be provided to avoid spoilers of this endearing ending hearts

Depending on the answers you give to Seiji, you'll get one of the endings aforementioned. If you chose all the correct answers, you'll get the Happy End. However, if you choose all the incorrect answers, you'll get the Bad End and the Good End is a combination of both correct and incorrect answers sparkles

In order to get the Happy End, you must select these answers (with some variation, but this is guaranteed):
You're too soft
Take a trash can
Can we help?
I believe in you
It makes sense
I'm so nervous!
That's amazing
Your singing?
And carrots?
Thank Seiji
Please continue
I believe in you
Imagine I'm a...
It's working!
I want to come
My pleasure
Think about it
Next time
It's not a waste
He's right
Stay like that
Think about me
I only pushed
I'll be OK
It gave me stength

That's the end of Seiji's route~! hearts

Please do not repost this without my permission or claim this as your own as it took me a while to get these answers!!

Other Walkthrough Solutions:
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