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22 October 2011 @ 11:00 pm
As I mentioned in the introduction post (HERE), I've decided to keep track of the correct answers for the characters from the iPod's otome game "Shall we date?: "KONKATSU" for marriage" since I haven't been able to find a guide on the net. This post will be the walkthrough solution for Takuma Chigasaki arrowup

I usually don't like older guys in otome games because I feel like they're preying on me. However, I did immensely enjoy Chigasaki's story character as it was an emotional roller coaster for me to the point where I got apprehensive of the ending and the relationship that I was in with him. There were どきどき moments in his storyline as well as several instances where I burst out laughing at the incredulity of it all hearts

Here are the photos associated with Takuma Chigasaki from his album:



His letters to you (which are sent to your mailbox by the end of the chapter) are as followed:





Despite there being three endings associated with each character, only the happy ending (which is referred to as Happy Wedding) will be the only one meriting an event picture. The two other endings (normal and bad) do not have pictures linked to them. This is the picture rewarded to you if you get your Happy Wedding with him. Summary of the ending will not be provided to avoid spoilers of this endearing ending hearts

Please remember that you can obtain the Happy Wedding in this game as long as you choose the correct answers. Unlike with the other characters in the game, Takuma Chigasaki is a staff member from the marriage matchmaking site so you do not get to choose events to attend. Therefore there is no worry that you might not be able to complete the character's album because you went to the wrong event sparkles

In order to get the Happy Wedding, you must select these answers (with some variation, but this is guaranteed):
Is that bad?
Another job?
We are
It’s a secret
What a pro
I’m blushing
… Thank you
You’re lying
Yes, it is!
The rolled egg
I’ll also help
Meet me again
You’re sister?
I understand
To meet you
Will it change?
I respect you
I get it now
I’ll go too!

That's the end of Takuma Chigasaki's route~! hearts

Please do not repost this without my permission or claim this as your own as it took me a while to get these answers!!

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