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13 October 2011 @ 09:50 pm
Shall we date?: Heian Love IZO  
As I mentioned in the introduction post (HERE), I've decided to keep track of the correct answers for the characters from the iPod's otome game "Shall we date?: Heian Love" since I haven't been able to find a guide on the net. This post will be the walkthrough solution for Izo prohibited

I don't know how I feel about having Izo as a suitor. I know there were probably many young females in the Heian Era who would swoon to have a chance with the bad boy since is he after all a ninja posing as your gardener to kill the Emperor... The whole ninja assassin who wanted to kill you but then falls in love with you does appeal to me. However, I found there was nothing novel in this relationship at all and found it kind of bleak in this story? There were no moment were I went: OMG! He's so awesome! and my heart didn't flutter at his lines... But these are my own opinions and don't let them cloud your love for Izo if that's the case! empty

Thanks to sillywritergall for getting the happiest ending for me in order to help me out (and keep my sanity)

Here are the photos associated with Izo from his album:



His letters to you (which are sent to your mailbox by the end of the chapter) are as followed:




These are the five endings that you can get with Izo which are happiest ending, happier ending, happy ending, normal ending, and unhappy ending. Pictures are shown from happiest ending to unhappy ending order:



In the happiest ending, Izo is exiled and you’re relieved of your attendant position. Lord Hisame and his co-conspirators will be exiled for coming up with the plan to overthrow Emperor Kuze. Izo finds you at the other estate that you’ve staying at. He broke the laow of the ninja and told Emperor Kuze everything to protect you, hence why the Minister of the Left was arrested. Kuze orders Izo to work for him. Kuze praises Izo’s skills and offers him amnesty in exchange for one job (you don’t know what the job was), he also hires Izo as a bodyguard and gardener. You don’t live in a fancy palace, but you love your simple life together.

The happier ending has Izo being exiled and you were cleared of all charges since Izo took all the blame for you. You think of Izo and he appears infront of you and wipes away your tears with his fignertips informing you that he ran away. Izo asks Hinata if she will inform the guards in which she replies that she is on your side and will send everyone else away to allow Izo and you privacy. You tell Izo that if he gets caught again he’ll be executed and he replies that never seeing you again is the same as dying. Izo tells you that he’s going to kidnap you again and if that’s alright with you. You agree and he promises you that you won’t regret it and he’ll make you happy. Both you and Izo start a new life in Northern Japan. It gets cold where you both live but at least no one will find you there. Izo apologizes to you for the poor living conditions since you were accustomed to the palace, you retort that you’re fine anywhere as long as you are together.  Your feelings were warm enough that you didn’t even notice the coldness…

Happy ending, Izo is exiled and you’ve been found innocent of all charges since you were used by Izo. You want to see Izo in prison, but Izo ran away to see you instead. Both of you jump the wall of the palace and plan to cross the sea to leave the country. You both snuck aboard a ship and went out to sea, but the ship was wrecked one stormy night and thrown into the sea. Luckily, you were saved by a pirate ship that happened to be sailing by. The pirates speak a foreign language but you both managed with hand and body language and as time passes one, you both learn to talk freely.

In the normal ending, Izo is exiled and you’re banished from the palace for helping the enemy. Hinata cannot accompany you since she’s suspected of helping you run away (when you and Izo wanted to run away together). You’re now separated from both Hinata and Izo and live in a broken-down cottage. There’s been a landslide where Izo was exiled to, he’s alive but… He has amnesia and you want to help him. You start living with Izo who has lost his memory. It becomes apparent to you that Izo seems to have no ambition and rarely answers you when you talk to him, it hurts but you still want to be by his side to see it through the end in hopes that you can see Izo smile again.

The unhappy ending was heartbreaking to do and read! Izo is sentenced to be executed by beheading and you’re to be exiled for collaborating with the enemy so you’re temporarily locked up somewhere. Izo wants to see you and escapes his cell to find you. You ask Izo to kidnap you again and you don’t care since you’ll be exiled so you want to go far away with him this time… You end up being killed by the pursuit when you were trying to escape with Izo and he is going to still be executed. He calls out for your name heartbreakingly right up to the end before he is beheaded…

Depending on the answers you give to Izo, you'll get one of the endings aforementioned. If you chose all the correct answers, you'll get the happiest ending. If you choose all the incorrect ones, you'll get the unhappy ending. All the other endings vary on how many correct and incorrect ones you give.

In order to get the happiest ending with Izo, you must select these answers (with some slight variation):
The pond central 
Let's talk 
The warm feeling 
Is he embarrassed? 
Don't say that 
Thank you 
Sounds lovely 
Let's talk more 
I missed you 
It makes me worry 
Can't trust anyone 
Why do you say so 
Act normally 
Take care 
Don't try too hard 
Please stop 
You're alright 
Of course I do 
I feel uneasy 
I don't want to 
That's not true 
Will we make it? 
Nows your chance! 
Is this an act? 
Please take care 

That's the end to Izo's route~! hearts

Please do not repost this without my permission or claim this as your own as it took me a while to get all the possible routes!!

Other Walkthrough Solutions:
Emperor Kuze
Mikage Abe
Masakuni Sugawara
Yui Minamoto
Hisame Kyogoku
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Ninjabear: coming for a stealth hugdangermousie on October 13th, 2011 11:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you!!! I plan to play thus one ;)
corlee1289corlee1289 on October 13th, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
*bursts out laughing*

I thought you were playing Shall We Date?: Ninja Love :3

Just a heads up, there's also:
Shall we date?: Heian Love
Shall we date?: "KONKATSU" for marriage
Shall we date?: My Sweet Prince

Plenty to keep you occupied if you're bored! Make sure to write down your choices and look out for the sparkly stars to know you chose the right one!

I started playing Ninja Love as well and finished Kotaro and Saizo, but haven't had a chance to continue because university is sucking up all my free time...
t_homosapien on October 14th, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
Ah thanks for the walkthrough :D didn't expect Izo to be a ninja assassin o_o
Can't wait for Hinata's~ yay~~

I played Saizo, Sasuke and Kotaro's route :D I like Sasuke's story but Saizo is just *A*..
corlee1289: Pokemon - I swear to Godcorlee1289 on October 14th, 2011 07:44 pm (UTC)
HAHAHAAA~ When I first played Shall We Date?: Ninja Love, I chose Saizo first <3

Once I complete the walkthrough for Heian Love, I'll be doing Shall we date?: "KONKATSU" for marriage since I bought all the characters for that game.

I've also purchased Ninja Love and My Sweet Prince, but I haven't bought the expansion packs since they're 6.99$ each for two characters and there's four additional characters equalling to about 14$ extra per game. Which would mean to have all the characters for Ninja Love and My Sweet Prince, I'll need almost 30$ TT^TT
t_homosapien on October 15th, 2011 05:09 am (UTC)
Oh yes..Saizo is so beautiful *A*

Thanks for telling us about the other games by NTT Solmare xD I immediately went to get Konkatsu after I saw the message above.
I played Nakaba Kasumi's route first xD took me a few tries but I managed to get the happy ending :D I'm loving this guy <3 I literally got "striked" at one of the scenes xD
Do you want the walkthrough for his route? I recorded it down. By the way, they have like 3 choices that doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong..it's an event option to go to but it will affect the photos you get so..yeah xD if I'm confusing you, you'll understand when you play it.

Ah yeah T.T they're really costly..I really wanted to play Goemon and Yagyu D;
I haven't gotten My Sweet Prince yet though xD

Thanks again!
corlee1289: Doctor Who - Dancing Doctorscorlee1289 on October 15th, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
That's so sweet of you! But I'm almost finished the game since I've gotten Washio, Keito, Kasumi, and Momoki. I'm only missing the last two characters to complete it :3

I still need to get Hinata's happy ending before I finish with Heian Love and then move on to Konkatsu TT^TT Would you be able to tell me the path for Hinata's happy ending? I'll provide you credit for helping me out in the walkthrough post :3 I'm not entirely too fond of Hinata... Which is probably why it's taking me so long to finish his character...

So you've confirmed that you can get the happy ending as long as you choose the correct option even if you don't go to the event picture ones? For example Kasumi's event pictures are the talkshow and the church light up. So even if you don't go to those events but choose the alternatives, you can still get the happy ending?

I know!! Me too!! I want to play Goemon and Munenori! But they're both in different expansion packs which would amount to more than 14$!!

I had doki doki moments when I played for Lambert in My Sweet Prince <3
(Screened comment)
corlee1289: Blue Swirls~corlee1289 on October 17th, 2011 11:20 pm (UTC)
Ah, it seems you misunderstood me ^^;;

I was asking for the route for the happy ending (the third ending) and not the happiest ending as what you've given me.

In Heian Love, there are five possible endings (Happiest, Happier, Happy, Normal, and Unhappy) which will all earn you an event picture. In order to get the happiest, you need all the correct answers and the opposite proves true for the unhappy ending. However, for the Happier, Happy, and Normal endings, you need to have some variations of wrong answer to get them ^^;;

But no worries, I was able to get his Happy ending which means that I have all of Hinata's endings and will be posting an entry to it soon when I have time :3

Skyraeskyrae on October 18th, 2011 01:37 am (UTC)
Ahi I'm so sorry >.<
I saw that it was happy ending but I wondered why it wasn't happiest instead so I thought maybe it was a typo or something..It was my mistake.. Sorry..

Thanks for finishing Hinata's though (:

I found a place that gave all the answers for all of the routes in all of the games (except for Konkatsu's extra pack). Do you want the link?
corlee1289: Ouran - Definitely Tamaki's Ideacorlee1289 on October 18th, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
HAHAHAA~ No worries then :3

Sure, I wouldn't mind having the answers for Ninja Love since that's the one that I'm the least interested in ^^;;

I've already finished the game for Konkatsu with all it's characters <33

I've also finished the three characters that the game gives you in My Sweet Prince, but haven't had the chance to buy the two expansion packs to get the other four characters...
(Screened comment)
corlee1289: Kermit the Frog spazzingcorlee1289 on October 19th, 2011 01:54 pm (UTC)
That is totally awesome!

I think the only game that I'm hesitant in play in the Ninja Love because of the bad grammar as well as those weird (corny) effects they used to display them using their ninja moves *coughs*

I've finished Konkatsu! And Hinata's walkthrough will be posted tonight since I've finished my immediate midterms for this week <3

Out of Lambert, Chezem, and Nagit... Lambert was by far my favorite :3 I was completely weirded out with Nagit >.<...
Skyraeskyrae on October 20th, 2011 02:29 am (UTC)
The effects were kinda lame but I think the story is not bad xD and the characters are interesting xD

Oh I heard from others that they think it's weird with Nagit too since he's just 16 and shota-ish xD

Yay Hinata~
Allyson MilesAllyson Miles on September 17th, 2012 08:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for the help, but I can NEVER get Izo's second picture, I've tried every combination I can think of and still no picture v.v
corlee1289: Doctor Who - Keep Calm and Don't Blinkcorlee1289 on September 18th, 2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Hard
IF I remember correctly, to get the second picture (the happier ending) you need to make only 2-3 "mistakes" in order to get that answer~

So try doing that and make 2-3 errors and you should be able to get your coveted photo :3
jade_meister19jade_meister19 on May 23rd, 2013 02:47 am (UTC)
Izo's Second Pic
How is it that I answered EVERYTHING correctly and missed Izo's second picture? I got the one with him blushing under moonlight, missed the one where he's grabbing her wrist, and then got the one where he's writing her a poem.
corlee1289: Winter themecorlee1289 on May 28th, 2013 10:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Izo's Second Pic
I'm not particularly sure, this is the walkthrough solution for Izo's route in the PAID non-GREE version.

There is a slight difference between the paid and GREE version. So if you are playing the GREE version, it is possible that you didn't get it.
jade_meister19jade_meister19 on May 29th, 2013 02:34 am (UTC)
Re: Izo's Second Pic
It's okay. I figured it out. It just comes a bit later in the story.