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10 June 2011 @ 11:33 pm
BWAHAHAAA!! I DID IT!! *beams proudly*  
 After much complication and patience...


*points at her InuYasha avatar icon and beams proudly*

Now the only problem is, I have 98/105 userpics used... DAMN.

The tutorial I used is this one HERE if anyone is interested~

Thank you kazukazu89 for the tutorial~!
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: ♫ Do as Infinity - 君がいない未来
familytablesfamilytables on June 11th, 2011 12:02 am (UTC)
I guess everyone who hasn't know how to do this, is learning. I also just got around to learning how to do this. I spent a good bit of time on You tube watching how to videos for all types of programs. In the end I just downloaded the video pac for GIMP (A Photoshop like program).

It feels great to finally know how to make these things!
tytapininotan on June 11th, 2011 12:29 am (UTC)
himw chan is our sensei hahahahahaha
showjuro: hand on earshowjuro on June 11th, 2011 03:18 am (UTC)
Hehe, sorry that I wasn't online when you needed me. But Hime teaching you is as good as me teaching you since I provided her with the link ^^
vyl_periwinklevyl_periwinkle on June 12th, 2011 08:24 am (UTC)
omedetou! *throws confetti and balloons*