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07 May 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Day 02 in Toronto for the Lion King Musical~ PART 01  
HAHAHAAA... I was too tired from my trip to post anything XD

Since there's a lot of pictures that I took, I'll separate the post into two ^^;;

YAAAY~! The second day in Toronto went off without a hitch! <33

The first photo is something that amused when when I rode the elevator :3 As I said that I would from my last post, I went to the CTV television network building and took a picture of the vehicle that was protruding from out of the building (and the wheel is still spinning).


These were random monuments that we saw when the three of us walked down Queens St W.

The first place we headed to was the Toronto Eaton Centre and when we looked at the shopping center map, we discovered that there was a Disney Store!! *big grin* The three of us were spazzing and failing inside of the store!! I took a whole bunch of photos outside and inside of the store!!


In order of the photos that I took (in case if you can't see it). There's: Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid, Fantasia (Mickey as the apprentice), Peter Pan. Pinocchio, Goofy with a film reel, Dumbo, and Donald Duck! There's photo of a mountain of plushies XD Tessa and I ended up purchasing a Mickey Mouse journal with a Donald Duck bookmark <3


We wandered some more through the Eaton Center where I took more random pictures and ended up getting food from Cultures and went to gaze at their indoor water fountain that was there!!



Our next destination was the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) which is supposedly Canada's largest museum! We got there using the subway and bought extra of their transportation tokens to keep as souvenirs! I really liked their station which was named "Museum Station" since it was decorated in the style of a museum!! That's a picture of the ROM from the main official entrance.


There was a special exhibit that was currently on display which was the Water exhibition. I really liked it!! There were small aquariums with fish in it and the like! There were also interactive activities to do! Those scary eel like creatures are called "Sea Lamprey" and what they do is that they attach themselves to a fish host with it's strong suction and razor sharp teeth and suck out the bodily fluids of its host... O_O;; The other picture next to it is Tessa making a weird goofy face behind that stone pillar thingy (forgot what it's called) ^^;;

The next place we visited was the culture section which ranged from European, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, and many others~!




After that we visited the biodiversity section which was separated into two main areas of the mammals and the dinosaurs <3













We only got to the ROM at two o'clock in the afternoon and the museum closes at 5:30PM, so the three of us basically zoomed through the ENTIRE museum in three hours (since we wanted to spend at least half an hour at the boutique store that they have there)... And let me tell you, the museum is HUGE!! By the end of it all, Tessa and I were exhausted from all the walking we did and found comfy leather lounge chairs to sit in while Lisa walked around to get gifts for her family...

The three of us were dead tired from zooming through the entire museum within three hours... It's one of those all day things to do and not crammed into three hours ^^;; Not only were we tired, we were also famished and walked along Bloor and Younge street in search of food, but there weren't any TT^TT So we decided to take the subway and find a place to eat near where the musical was playing~ This was a picture that I found amusing since it's also one of those 3D pictures and the idea is that when you walk by the drink will get larger :3

FOOD!! Once we got out of the subway and located where the Princess of Wales Theater was, we all unanimously agree to eat at the Greek restaurant Penelope since it was literally right across from the theater. So there was no need to rush and shovel all the food down our throats in fear that we would be late! Tessa was bored as we were waiting for our food, so she drew on the paper XD

I got the combo souvlaki which had chicken, pork, and beef <33 Lisa had the grilled salmon and Tessa had the chicken souvlaki.


It was delicious~! After eating we all went to the bathroom to wash up and I burst out laughing at how the bathroom doors looked like...

Okay~ That will be all for the first part of the second day that I was in Toronto XD *off to do part two about the musical~*
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showjuro: cameramanshowjuro on May 8th, 2011 11:08 am (UTC)
I have to visit this museum when I get the chance to go to Canada!!!! That eel is awesome! and evil

The animal sculptures are so beautiful! *is an animal freak*
paku_romipaku_romi on May 8th, 2011 02:39 pm (UTC)
That looks exactly like the Disney Store at Kingsway. Everything is exactly the same. O_o

I might be a little creeped out seeing those animals up close... I hope they died of natural causes... T_T