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31 May 2010 @ 12:10 am
Anime North 2010 - Day 03 (Last Day)  

The third and last day of the Anime Convention has come to an end (TT___TT)


What saddens me the most was that I never saw that Syther ever again since Friday!! I knew I should have caught that Syther the minute I saw it!! Maybe that Syther already belonged to another Pokemon trainer or got caught by another Pokemon trainer?! *sniffles*



On the bright side, I did find a Pokedex! I’ve never seen anyone ever cosplay as a Pokedex so I was flailingly happy to have actually found and taken a picture of her as a Pokedex!! <3


What made me even more flailingly happy was my lunch!! Yesterday, the Sushi Dragon (the name of the sushi restaurant that I went to on Friday) wasn’t packed since we went at 11:30AMish. (we tried going yesterday at 6PM, but it was over an hour we would have had to wait for food ^^;;)We went there at 10AM, but they were closed (apparently no one eats/wants/craves for sushi except for us). But it matters not since we were able to get in!!



Isn’t it beautiful?! I wanted to get it on Friday, but this is a special only from between 11:30AM until 3PM, when we went on Friday, it was 4PM. This doesn’t have as much as a grand name like the “Dragon bento” that I had last time. This one’s just called the “Sashimi box”. But it was really pretty and yummiful~!



And yesh, I took a picture of the green tea ice cream dessert this time!! I wasn’t able to last time because I was way too happy in having the green tea ice cream and completely forgot to take a picture of it ^^;; I only realized it when the others and I finished inhaling it down before we realized ^^;;



That’s right!! I found Waldo despite there being an insane amount of cosplayers and people who attended the convention this year!! It’s much harder when you’re in the crowd looking for Waldo, than when you have an aerial view and can see everything :3



Oh yes… This one made me do a double-look back when I walked past first… And you’ll know why… Not only was it an amazing cosplay. Not only was it crazy hot and the cosplayer was probably getting cooked… No, it was much better than that…




Eh?! What’s that in Bowser’s mouth you ask? Well… Maybe it's spinach?



That’s right… Yoshi got eaten alive by Bowser!! O_______________o;;



And that’s picture to take away the thought of Yoshi haven been eaten alive by Bowser! Oops! I mean a picture to show the Wall of Fail. The wall of fail is basically a wall where all the people who have lost their badges are failures because they stupidly lost their badges.  However, I am impressed that not as many people lost their badges this year since they made it something like a necklace. All the preceding years was worst because it was in a pin badge format ^^;;


Everyone in Toronto is so nice!! We had a really nice lady who showed and explained to us how to get to the next bus stop!! I was really happy that throughout our trip in Toronto, many Torontorians have helped us up on journey through life :3


Hopefully more people will help us out on our journey tomorrow and the day after when we go to the Pacific Mall. It’s a really BIG mall with many many many outlets for me to buy stuff <3 However, I will keep spending to a minimum since I’ve already spent an insane amount of money at the convention and that the space in my luggage is practically non- existent




I still utterly fail at using the LJ-cut! (TT___TT) I'm using the Rich text, but it's still not working...

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showjuro: aaa 2008 2showjuro on May 31st, 2010 05:08 am (UTC)
hahaha!! fail!
you mean people actually cosplay as Scyther?! take me when you go for your next anime convention!!!!
helloshamonehelloshamone on May 31st, 2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
i know the html way to lj cut~

lol @ the wall of fail reminds me of sho-chan
~HannaH~arashilovezs on June 25th, 2010 05:48 am (UTC)
Wahhahaha~ I enjoyed reading about the whole convention ^^
There's a Manifest coming up in Aus in August and I'm PSYCHED to go! I even volunteered for it thought I don't know if it was the best idea if I wanna catch 'em all too ><