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From this article on MyNavi News.
Ogura Tomoaki's comments on Arashi's hiatus.


Newscaster Ogura Tomoaki commented on the news of idol group Arashi's hiatus at the end of 2020 in the news show ‘Tokudane!’ (Mon-Fri 08:00-09:50), aired on the 28th

According to Ogura, “Yesterday, at around 5pm, I was having soba with my family at a neighbourhood soba place. Then I received a phone call from (Sakurai) Sho-kun. He said, ‘Ogura-san, all the members are here right now and we have something to tell you’.” This was how the news was broken to him before the press conference. “Of course I was surprised. When I heard the news, I felt like my soba was going to come back up,” he explained with a laugh.

After the press conference, he spoke to Sakurai and Ohno Satoshi on the phone. He praised them, saying, “We basically talked about what they spoke about in the press conference. There was only just a little bit of ‘we’re telling you this because you’re Ogu-san’. So I thought it was a great press conference since everyone spoke from their hearts”. Ohno had said, “everything has truly gone so well with the members, our bond is really at its strongest right now”.

Also, regarding the inevitable question of what Ohno’s intentions are after the group enters its hiatus, it was said that “even Ohno-kun himself hasn’t decided yet”. Ohno had said he wanted “to try living freely by himself”, and had apparently been met with, “even if you said you wanted to ‘be free’, it won’t be easy with your current name value, will it?”. To this, Ohno had also responded, “That’s true”, with a wry laugh. To the question of whether he would go out of the country, he had expressed interest, saying, “I guess. Maybe I’ll go overseas”. Recalling the conversation with Ohno, Ogura surmised that “even he can’t see the future. He just has a strong desire to do something”.

This show began in January 1999. Arashi also debuted in the same year, so Ogura says, “Our (Tokudane’s) history and Arashi’s history overlaps”. He had also worked with them on the Nippon TV show ‘Arashi no Shukudai-kun’ which aired from 2006 to 2010.

Recalling those days with them, Ogura said, “They’re about the right age to be my sons, aren’t they? They’re all charming and polite; they’re all good guys and they still keep in touch. Which is why I was all the more like, 'Eh!?'. Whenever you go to the waiting room, they'd definitely all be there together. In one big common room. There aren’t many people who’d wait together in one common room even after 20 years. As long as you went there, you were bound to meet all of them. To think that that we won't have that any more in the future makes me a little sad".