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22 March 2010 @ 02:01 am
*Corner of Woe*  
< rant>
I'm angry, yet I'm sad at the same time. I'm angry that Johnny canceled the shows yet I'm sad at the loss of happiness that I get from watching them. Does anger and sadness occur and co-exist with each other? Or am I simply confusing them within myself? (Now I'm confused...)

Arashi no Shukudai-kun is ending! There will be no more stockings, chikubi T-shirts, or member-ai!! There will be no pinkness that Ogura-san will do to encourage the other Arashi members to think pinkish like him! There will be no more food segments where we laugh at the boys' fail... Stinky food, spicy food, sour food, food that's alive and moving... There will be no more cosplay segments where we wonder at Sho's maid outfit and wonder why he looks so amazing...

Utaban is ending too?! I thought it was just a rumor, but from what I've seen on the community, that's true too!! There will be no more NakaixOhno fights of love! There won't be any more Ishibashi and Ohno fall in love segments anymore... What about the watermelons?! Where will they go now?! What will they do now?!

Where will I be getting my crack now?! Arashi no Shukudai-kun and Utaban both ending is just too hard for me to bear with!! And from what I've read in the community, KAT-TUN and some other groups are having their show canceled as well?! Johnny what the hell are you doing taking away my crack?! Are you going senile you old fool?! Why would you cancel shows to the popular groups for?! What's going on in that head of yours?! They're in high demand right now and you take it away?! >_____<;;

Somebody buy all the stockholder shares for Johnny's Entertainment and usurp him from his position!! What that crazy old man is doing can't be right for the rest of us fangirls! I can't imagine the reaction to the people who actually live in Japan...


DAMN YOU JOHNNY!! GIVE ME BACK MY FAIL AND CRACK!! I KEEL JOO!! There better be something good for all this pain that you're making all of us go through!!
</ rant>

Yesterday, there was no snow and the sun was warm and shining... And now what happens? It's snowing... And it's cold... When I just took out my spring jacket to change into... You hear that?! WE GOT SNOW!! ARGH! Muffin head...

I got a new desktop! My other one literally died from the abuse that I gave it from downloading all my Arashi files of awesomeness fail! But it's okay since I backed everything on my Tigger! My Tigger's a 1.5TB hard drive that has all the subbed files of Arashi released <3 Windows 7 is really pretty but weird since I'm transitioning from Windows XP.

DON'T DIE FROM YOUR UPCOMING FINALS!! (TT____TT) I still have another midterm and a Japanese class test to do before my finals commence. And now I have nothing to watch to take away that build up of stress/anxiety that I'll have... My crack... GONE!!

Anyone else that'll be mourning with me over the loss of the crackful happiness of rainbows and sparkles? We should hold a memorial while we're at it and invite Ogura-san to it. Maybe he'll slap AnS to the point where it wakes up and regains consciousness... Or get Ohno to do an impersonation in order to bring back the dead!!
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Jamiell13jl on March 22nd, 2010 02:05 pm (UTC)
T_T Woe is us!!!

I've been in denial but we can't deny it anymore..

It has finally ended and we can't do anything about it!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! You're right.. no more stockings.. chikubis.. spicy food.. NO MORE FUN!!!

I can't believe Utaban is ending too.. I was so shocked when I read it from Yamakaze's post.. o_O Where are we going to get NakaiVSOhno??

On another note.. OMG.. Snow???? Hun.. here the sun is shining and the temp. is 15 degrees :p That's Vancouver for you.. BWAHAHAHAH!

Oh yay for your new desktop! I'm quite curious about Windows 7 but I'm not going to exchange my Snow Leopard XD

Good luck on your finals!!!

I'll miss Ogu-san and the staff so much :(