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14 November 2010 @ 01:20 pm
*raises up a ramuné bottle as she talks about her grand adventure*

That's right!! After ten hours armed nothing but a vacuum cleaner, a wash cloth, and ingenuity, I have finally finished cleaning my gawd forsaken room!! *cackles maniacally* All those dust bunnies, dust dragons, and hair balls have met their match and have been successfully slain!!

SEE?! It's not cluttered anymore!! And the orange cat actually waves and nods its head now that the fan isn't there anymore lovely

LOOK! I've got a desk back where I can sit and do my homework again!! Now the bamboo can breathe again ^^;;

There's also a chair that I can sit on again and an empty garbage can!!

It's all organized and arranged neatly XD

BWAHAHAHAA! And the blue cat also waves and nods its head at me since the light from the lamp can illuminate it!!

My faithful bookshelf that's been properly organized X3

That's a blanket on my computer chair XD It's late fall now, so it's getting colder :3

My bed!! That Sesshoumaru pillow looks familiar you say?

That's because my friend used it as the basis of her painting that she gave me! I love the sakuras in the background hearts

BWAHAHA~! Be amazed at the transformation~! For those who want to see what it looked like before it was cleaned, HERE.
Current Location: MY CLEANED ROOM!
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Liping: neenhotlipskazye on November 15th, 2010 03:01 pm (UTC)
WOW! That's really tidy after you've cleaned it! Your 10 hours didn't go to waste! Wahahahahaha~ But still... your room has A LOT of things!!

And I like the painting your friend gave you! It's sooooooo pretty <33333