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01 January 2010 @ 02:39 am

Now that I'm actually using my LJ account, I too shall post a New Year's resolution thingymabob to pacify myself and other curious people who may stumble off chance unto my page...

DON'T FAIL!! Study. DON'T FAIL!! Watch dramas. DON'T FAIL!!
Don't DIE!
Pass my level one Japanese course at McGill university with a decent grade
Join study and/or reading groups for my classes at McGill university
Join to be an NTC (Note Taking Club) editor at McGill university

Attempt to be first comment on STORMY TEAM ACCOMPLISHED: March 30th, 2010 for Tokujo Kabachi!! Episode 04 & April 3rd, 2010 for Namida wo Fuite Episode 09
♪ Buy more Arashi merchandise but not to the point where I go completely broke
Buy the Hana Yori Dango Final Premium Edition (~CDN$127.84)
Buy the Arashi concert DVD when it comes out (Oh please Johnny!! Please release a DVD!!) THANKS JOHNNY!!
I want an Arashi album to be released OMFG!! YESH!! "Boku no Miteiru Fukei" to be released 2010.08.04
♪ Attempt to save more money for my future Japan trip
♪ Attempt to be Nino in terms of being frugal and stingy to save money(*snort* yeah right...)
♪ I want an Arashi member to play as a psycho-killer person in a drama
♪ I also want Arashi or a member from Arashi to sing an OP or ED theme song for an anime or a game... (Nino does too?!)
I want Ohno to be in another leading drama Kaibutsu-kun drama (2010.04.17 to 2010.06.12)
I want Jun's hair to be pretty again!! YESH!! Due to "Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku"

Go on a camping trip with friends
When on the camping trip don't get eaten by my friends, bears, wolves... Most importantly my friends...
When being chased down by my hungry friends/bear... OUTRUN THEM! Damn raccoons...
Survive the damn cold Canadian winter This winter wasn't that cold...
♪ Survive the upcoming hot summer
♪ Stop bullying younger brothers just because I'm over a decade older than them...
♪ Stop being a mouse potato (like couch potato) and exercise some more...

That being said, did anybody else flail like I did during the group song switch section?! I was grinning like crazy over Arashi's adorkable rendition of Kanjani8's song... But my ears were slowly bleeding out from the bad off key singing that Kanjani8 did for Arashi's One Love. It got to the point where I was laughing at how Arashi was silently singing/gesturing while Kanjani8 sang their song in a weird costume thingy <3
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