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16 September 2013 @ 10:45 pm
Montréal Comiccon 2013  

I got a lot of autographs this year (for both dad and me), so instead of scanning them like I did last year, I just took a photograph of them on my bed which makes it infinitely easier for me NG

Unlike last year, I had no hesitation in attending Comiccon this year. A lot of the people who I worked with were either members from the anime convention, Otakuthon, or they were people with whom I worked together with last yeararrowup

I got to hug a bunch of the celebrities and even took a lot of photos with them. In each and every single one of those photos, I'm a total short Asian, so they hugged me and crouched a bit to accommodate me in the photos hearts

My loot of autographs that I got this year:

I couldn't choose between which of the two Sith's 8x10 photos I liked more for Ray Park, so he signed both of them for me!!

There was another photo of Sean Astin's that I had wanted, but by the time I asked for his autograph, he only had the close up of his character from Lord of the Rings. Manu Bennet was Azog in The Hobbit and he also played in Spartacus, so I got both of them since I couldn't choose which one I wanted ^_^;;

These are definitely my favorite and most cherished autographs that I got this year. I was lucky enough to be able to work with Tahmoh Penikett and Jason Momoa. I had so much difficulty restraining myself from squeeing and fangirling over Jason and was pretty much grinning like a mad insane fangirl when I was with him, but he didn't mind at all heart1

Sadly, by the time I was able to get to George Takei's booth, he no longer had any more of his photos available to sign. I was totally devastated, but he kindly offered to sign my Comiccon badge for me. I got to admit, George has the prettiest handwriting I've ever seen before pencil

Dad's loot of autographs that I got for him this year:

Dad was really happy that I got the full body photo for Ray Park, since he didn't want the close-ups that I got. His reasoning was because he wanted the lightsaber in his autograph~

Dad was really excited that I got Manu Bennet's signature from Arrow and was totally ecstatic about Gillian Anderson's signature from X-Files. He wasn't as excited for Jason's autograph as Drogo, which I totally understand, but the way I see it, I now have two different autographs from Jason as Khal Drogo hearts

I'm not going to post the photos I took with the celebrities at the convention because there are way too many of them ^_^;;
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kurarpiktkurarpikt on September 17th, 2013 09:40 am (UTC)
Omg I'm so jealous and so happy for you !!!! Jasoooooon !!!!! You have seen Drogo !!!! Kyaaaaa !!!! *fangirl out* XD
kurarekurari: jun*kakkoi*kurarekurari on September 18th, 2013 09:11 am (UTC)
Wow! That's a bunch of autographs I only can dream of...I wish the celebs would come to Germany someday! And thanks for your letter! <3